The challenges of producing industries and Ariadne’s solution

One of the great challenges of large non-financial corporations are different risk management methods and approaches used in financial risk management and treasury, in strategic risk analysis and planning, or in business and operational risk management. Incoherent methods, risk measures and risk management approaches result in risk reports on board levels, that are not aggregated and give little advice as management decision support. The situation is reflected in a dispersed and costly system landscape.

At Ariadne we will take the integration of Enterprise risk, Treasury and Liquidity Management, Corporate Planning and Accounting to a next level. We are supporting our clients with Consulting, Software Tools and Standardization.

Ariadne’s integrated analytic infrastructure can be used for aggregation across all risk factors or one can apply individual modules for specific risks. We provide a simultaneous view on Financials, Risk, Liquidity, Value and Income on any level of the corporation. Due to a reduction in number of systems and data standardization we help you achieving substantial cost advantages.

At Ariadne we developed a new, intuitive approach, allowing integration of quantitative risk simulation in finance, treasury and strategic risk management.

The two main elements are:

  • On one side it is the consistent financial risk analysis framework with its focus on cash flow and value impact of risks. It allows evaluation of risk effects on real producing assets or any kind of performance figures such as EBIT, EBITDA, free cash flow etc.
  • On the other side we take advantage of the flexibility for qualitative and quantitative scenario analysis in strategic risk and business planning or operational risk. By programming excel functionality directly into our software we gain all advantages of the excel-flexibility, but avoid the disadvantages. This assures model consistency, saving within the model database, audit trails and historization of the integrated models.

The strategic and business planning assumptions on market shares, amounts produced, prices achieved, costs incurred etc can be entered on excel functionality and are translated into cash flows with a few instructions. The resulting cash flow plans and assumptions integrate seamlessly with the detailed financial model of the firm. The results are consistent scenarios on full balance sheets and P&L statements. Liquidity and cash-flows that are exposed to whatever type of risk analyzed.

The solutions are astonishingly simple and at the same time perfectly to the point. We would be more than happy to present you our solutions. A good approach is by demonstrating the value impact of our solutions through a small pilot project at your company.

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