The challenges of insurers and Ariadne’s solutions

At Ariadne we support insurance clients by addressing key challenges in today’s practice of enterprise wide risk and finance management such as:

  • Data challenges
  • Exploding cost of IT and regulation
  • Low internal benefits from regulatory driven risk reporting
  • Low degree of standardization
  • Improvements and digitalization of business processes

Recent regulatory initiatives in Solvency II and US regulation under the label ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment) strongly encourage true enterprise wide risk management. This integrates risk and finance analytics with going concern business planning, strategy, capital and liquidity management.

We combine the following three elements to enhance the value of our risk solutions in a client’s business analytics infrastructure:

  • Data standardization based on an open source standard.
  • New generation financial simulation software for enterprise wide risk factors including. financial market, credit risk, insurance risk, operational, business and strategic risk.
  • Experienced risk and business consulting for implementing solutions and to redesign data and analytics infrastructures, ERM processes and organizational aspects.

Key aspects for insurers are:

  • Use of the open source Standard “Actus”: a consistent financial Instrument representation is built into Ariadne Software simulation tools.
  • The new generation risk, capital & business simulation tools allowing a truly integrated perspective on all risk categories based on going concern business perspective. A strong focus on multi period stochastic simulation across all risk factors.
  • A flexible interface for actuarial tools for Life, Non-life, Health or Re-insurance industry.
  • A flexible interface to client specific risk models or economic scenario generators.

Based on our solutions different departments like risk management, actuarial, treasury, accounting & finance or strategic business development will be able to base their analytics on consistent data infrastructure for all financial instruments. This will save costs and focus more time on important aspects of risk and strategy analysis.

See details in Our offering / Functionality Matrix for Insurance

We enjoy demonstrating our solutions and data concepts in the context of your institution. A good approach is by demonstrating the value impact of our solutions through a small pilot project in your company.

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