Ariadne Sofware Solutions

A quality data infrastructure must be explored with the best available analytic tools. Ariadne Software provides a new technology in risk & finance analytics infrastructure.

With Ariadne we offer a modular approach for advanced analytics in:

  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • ALM and Balance Sheet Capital Management
  • Enterprise and Strategic Risk Management
  • Liquidity and Treasury

For details of the functionality please see Functionality&Product Matrix. All modules are available on a local installation or on a SaaS Platform basis.

Besides the coverage of traditional basic static analytics, our specific strength lies in the area of dynamic simulation. The new generation simulation software is allowing multi step simulations over time of portfolios or financial statements of firms. Such dynamic simulation of financial statements in a going concern perspective become the fundamentals of balance sheet and capital management as well as strategic risk and business consulting.

Our models show the impact of different risk factors (market, credit and operational risk) on value, income and liquidity. Value can be understood in parallel as fair or market value, nominal value or any of the possible book values for example as defined by IFRS. While most risk engines are based on a liquidation view, which model simple shocks or stress tests, the strength of Ariadne lies in dynamic simulation or the going concern perspective. Instead of a run-off scenario (the model behind the liquidation view) our models allow in addition to market forecasts, the definitions of new business in an intuitive way. Based on these assumptions, we can produce future cash flows, P&L results and balance sheets following any valuation principle, making such models much more realistic.

Our pride is to produce fine financial simulation engines for any enterprise and, beyond this, for systemic risk analysis. The simulation engines are available in industry specific versions such as Banking, Insurance and Non-financial industries.

For detailed functionality by industry segment see Functionality Matrix.

Although highly complex, Ariadne products appear with an astounding simplicity. The secret behind our simplicity is the building blocks that define the analytic infrastructure.

We enjoy demonstrating our solutions and data concepts in the context of your institution. A good approach of doing it is by demonstrating the value impact of our solutions through a small pilot project focusing on a specific issue or challenge your company might be experiencing. Based on our Software as a Service Platform an easy quick start is possible.

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