Profit from our valuable Consulting experience

Each of our partners offer 20 to 30 years of experience within the Risk Management areas. We offer condensed knowledge at your service, combining software development, quantitative finance, enterprise risk, business consulting and academic research.

In our Consulting Services we apply our core knowledge “quantitative financial analytics” to the benefit of our client’s risk and general management activities. Finance means numbers and financial management means managing by numbers. Having the right underlying concepts and a transparent consistent data infrastructure is key.

Our services are structured as follows:

Data and Analytic Infrastructure Consulting

  • Design, Review and Optimization of the enterprise wide Analytics and Data Infrastructure.
  • Data Mapping for Financial Instruments.
  • Consulting on Data Standardization and Digitalization of Data steps across the Enterprise wide Risk Management and Financial Analytic processes.

Business and Risk Consulting

  • Quantitative Risk Modelling for Banks and Insurers in cooperation with universities.
  • Business and Strategy Consulting based on dynamic quantitative simulation in combination with Strategy Consultants (For Banks, Insurers and Large Non-Financial Corporates).
  • Coaching and Training based on quantitative management simulator.

Implementation of Software Solutions (in cooperation with Integration partners)

  • Implementation of quantitative Ariadne Software.
  • Integration with related applications.

We are happy to demonstrate the improvements and efficiencies that we could bring into your institution. A good approach of doing it is by demonstrating the value impact of our solutions through a small, clearly defined pilot project addressing a specific issue or challenge your company might be experiencing.

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