Competitive Benefits for our Clients

The application of our services and Ariadne analytic infrastructure will on one side reduce costs and support a better integration of risk and finance management into the core business. On the other side it will add value through timely and improved risk and strategic management decision in the core business.

Within extensively information dependent industries like banks, insurance and large non-financial corporates we aim to revolutionize analytics with our approach and add value.

Efficiency gains and cost reductions:

  • Saving costs in data base provision based on a free open source international data standard for financial instruments already built into the software tools.
  • Reduction of overlapping analytical tools, interfaces and the number of data sources
  • Reducing Regulatory burden with a single data standard – ACTUS.
  • Saving costs in all risk and finance related business analytics across different functions.

Business impact through improved risk and strategic management decisions by:

  • Applying going concern multi step simulation not just for regulators but more so for internal planning, risk and strategy management decisions.
  • Developing an integrated view on risks including strategic and business risk.
  • Applying new technology simulation tools that support more cost-efficient use of IT-capacity.
  • Profiting from experienced Ariadne Team combining risk management, risk consulting, IT and finance Know-how.