The Ariadne History

The roots of Ariadne date back to the mid-80´s, where it started with the PhD thesis of Dr. Willi Brammertz. Following his thesis Brammertz founded IRIS (integrated risk management AG) alongside his business partner Dr. Winter, in Zurich. They were able to develop a successful system and eventually sold it to nearly 200 banks worldwide. The original idea corroborated itself in a fast developing financial market from a business, an academic and a regulatory perspective. It was equally successful in large and small banks, traditional retail environments and boutiques, even including Islamic banks with their distinct products. This was the empirical proof of the concepts laid down in the thesis.

Before selling IRIS in 2008, Brammertz rewrote his thesis with the help of four colleagues. This book was published in 2009 by John Wiley with the title: “Unified Financial Analysis – The Missing Links of finance” or in short “UfA”. This book is recognized by the financial community as having a valid answer to important problems that ruptured in the 2008 crisis. In 2010 he joined and significantly contributed to an effort, which first formed the source for creation of OFR (Office of Financial Research) and then the open source project ACTUS (Algorithmic Contract Type Unified Standard) which represents the core of UfA, the representation of virtually all traded financial contracts with a limited set of standard algorithms.

Soon it became clear that in order to make ACTUS operational for the benefits of financial industry, additional expertise and software was needed. Software development in Ariadne Software AG started in late 2013 and in 2015 Ariadne Business Analytics(ABA) was created for Software Sales and Consulting.