About Ariadne

We arewell-rooted in science. However, we at Ariadne view ourselves more like artisans, people of the craft similar to the medieval Bauhaus culture still active in the German-speaking world. The target of a craftsman is to achieve the best possible result or, as it was well put on a plaque placed on the walls of the Newport Shipyard in Virginia in 1917: “We shall build good ships here – at a profit if we can – at a loss if we must – but always good ships.”The spirit of craftspeople, in combination with 30 years of experience, makes us a unique partner for solving complex problems in finance.

In our first role we are consultants where we help our customers to set up the right environment that supports financial analytics in its widest sense.

Based on this environment, we build our analytic tools.ABA offers a suite of well-crafted software tools alongside with consulting services that extracts full potentials of ACTUS for the benefits of your institution and the financial industry as a whole.

While solving complex problems in finance we always remind ourselves by reverting to the principle building blocks, which have proven so powerful in the last 30 years. On one hand,this reduces the complexity from an IT perspective. Yet on the other hand this is the secret of our capability to model and solve complex problems and represent them in an astounding simplicity. Treasurers, CRO´s, CFO´s or CEO´s all equally profit from the insight gained from our models.